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21 January 2013 @ 01:46 pm
notes for etstb (sefthe)  
the title is even the stars, they burn (some even fall to the earth) l o l i just - i need better titles i'm sorry

so here is my collective notes in a coffee-induced rush at maybe eleven at night to eight in the morning as i slaved through this oneshot? it's the next day (night? 2:30 and no sleep yay) and i am more prepared. so here we go.

from bit by bit, the time of this story spans in three years total. i tried to hint at it but i guess people didn't really seem to understand it much (which is understandable considering it's all rushed nd stuff :[) you can take their professions with a grain of salt or so, but in my little alternate universe there kyuhyun is an art history major and donghae is a photographer yup. they've been dating for five years, (when kyuhyun was nineteen and donghae is twenty one) and at current they are 24 and 26 respectively.

so donghae, in the two years of their dating relationship, takes kyuhyun around the world and such, leaving many important memories and such. he gets a job opportunity in about the third year of their relationship, and flies off to barcelona after kyuhyun's mother dies. his flight date is january 15, 2011 ("1/15/2011. The day we fell out of love") unable to stand being alone in korea, kyuhyun leaves in the middle of june ("...the entry is dated back to last year in January while the notes have the
shorthanded scrawls of June. Three months unaccounted for.
") and then heads to tokyo.

he goes through the places accordingly. tokyo > barcelona (a quick stop, wherein donghae thinks that kyuhyun is still living in korea and just came to visit him) > rome > paris > korea. most of them, except for the barcelona one, has memories taking place when donghae and kyuhyun were roaming the world.

kyuhyun does this for the span of one year (working for the others) while donghae puts his job and sufficiently his life on hold to look for kyuhyun, who's in korea the whole time.

i won't explain much because i do plan to write little mini-fics accompanying this long one, so look out for those in the next two weeks or so. c:
harroweenharroween on January 21st, 2013 06:52 pm (UTC)
CRIES I LOVE IT its so cute ahhhhh
科瑞leorizanzel on January 21st, 2013 08:56 pm (UTC)
L O L is Kyuhyun based off of me? :'D But this is still such a cute story and I'm excited for the upcoming drabbles ;u;